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      Complexion, acne scars

      Complexion, acne scars

      We offer the following treatments that have shown high efficacy in medical trials as well as throughout practice. 

      PRP for the face is a treatment that uses a patient’s own plasma to stimulate collagen production and cell migration. This results in the elimination of acne and surgical scars and enlarged pores, as well as an overall complexion improvement.  Normally between 3-4 treatments with the intervals of 2-4 weeks  are needed to achieve visible results. It is a safe procedure that has no risk of allergic reaction or side-effects. 

      Derma Roller (a.k.a Microneedling) is a cosmetic procedure during which multiple tiny needles are inserted into the surface of skin via a rolling device.  That creates microscopic wounds which induce collagen and elastin production. The treatment is highly effective for acne scarring, surgical scars, enlarged pores, wrinkles, sun damaged or sagging skin, and pigmentation. Dermaroller treatment is safe, with no side effects, usually requires 4 or more treatments for visible results, depending on the condition.

      We also offer chemical peels with skin lightening and lifting effects. PRX-T33 is a non-peeling peel that is revolutionary for correcting facelift scars, stretch marks, and sagging skin. This is a perfect solution for those who do not want the downtime of the deep chemical peels for skin tightening, but want similar results. You will normally see significant improvements after 2-3 sessions.

      The above treatments have an accumulative effect with results becoming more and more noticeable after each procedure.